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The experience and the expertise of the management has equipped us with the knowledge and awareness a customer needs in an ever-changing market. We’re dedicated to being the most reliable Building Supplies in Southern states. .

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Dynamic Services. Expert Performance.

Our quality products includes mini mix concrete, standard systems, together with computer-controlled weighing systems and timed mixing processes ensure that a consistent product and needed construction service are sent to your job.

Technical Expertise

We utilize conceptual estimates; on- and off-site design assist and value-engineering processes; and seasoned project scheduling efforts to ensure the most cost-effective, schedule-driven budgets.

Technical Support

Wide-ranging facilities and multidisciplinary staff allow us to solve all sorts of construction industry problems, from design failures and repair specifications to materials issues, queries on Building Supplies, SUN-X concrete offers a single source for construction service to meet all your needs.

Concrete Placement

From concrete slabs, Mini-Mix Concrete to laying foundations, we can provide you with a custom-made batch of concrete that is tailored to suit your own commercial requirements.

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The success of our projects showcase our commitment and excellence in the work that we do. Each project is meticulously planned and executed to full satisfaction of our customers and consultants.